All proceeds raised by Kenward Place go towards supporting the work of Kenward Trust, a charity which supports those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime. 

Kenward Trust was formed in 1968 by Ray and Violet Sinden, who opened their home to some homeless individuals from London, who wanted to stay in recovery from addiction but had no shelter. Their farm quickly became overcrowded so they sold up and bought Kenward House, the manor in which Kenward Place is now located. 

Since that day Kenward Trust has helped to transform the lives of over 10,000 individuals with addiction issues, and given them a chance to create a new future for themselves in the community.

The services have changed throughout the years, but the ethos of the charity has remained the same: to help everyone reach their full potential. The work that Kenward Trust currently performs spans from education sessions in schools informing young people about the risks associated with alcohol and drugs, through to residential addiction rehabilitation and resettlement accommodation across Kent and East Sussex providing a safe place for those who have been through a recovery programme to call home. 

The funding for work like this has been declining steadily since 2013, which has made the stability of the charity more challenging. So, in 2016 Sage & Time cafe opened to help raise funds and raise awareness of the work of the Trust. This was quickly followed by two alpacas joining the team in 2017 and then the rest is history.

We are incredibly proud that our work at Kenward Place helps to support this charity continue its life changing work, so if you would like to donate and support it directly please click here.

Alternatively, to find out more about the charity visit their website here.