April 14

Alpaca Experience is back


We are so pleased to announce that our alpaca experience is back up and running from April 12th following from the latest governmental COVID-19 guidelines.

At Kenward we have 8 alpacas: Pepe, Louigi, Romeo, Maximilian, Gizmo, Mario, Idris & Dreyfus which members of the public can walk with as part of our alpaca experience. The experience, which lasts around an hour, gives the individuals a unique chance to get up close and meet our lovable herd and learn more about them and alpacas in general before trekking across our fifteen acres of Kent countryside.

Our boys love taking part in these walks just as much as you guys do, with them queueing up at the gate when they know it is time to go, so we are just as excited as them to be able to welcome you all back to enjoy them!

Due to the pandemic, we are still operating as a closed site, so all experiences must be pre-booked and our site must only be accessed by the Kenward Place entrance, as directed upon the time of booking.

We are hoping to be able to open up the rest of our facilities as soon as possible such as our cafe and function room, so please bear with us, but we need to ensure we can offer these safely and in a manageable way for our small team.

Our work at Kenward Place supports the charity, Kenward Trust, which provides support to those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime to transform their lives and create new futures for themselves. All of our proceeds go directly towards supporting their work, so we hugely appreciate your support! 

To find out more about our alpaca experience click here.

Alternatively, to get in touch with one of our team give us a ring on 01622 814187 or email us at reception@kenwardplace.co.uk.

Thank you so much for all of your patience and support over the past year or so, we really do appreciate it and cannot wait to see you all back on site as soon as possible. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter below to keep up with all of our latest updates!


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    1. Hello

      Yes of course the walk lasts for around an hour, through our woodland walk and grounds. It can be uneven in places but if this is something your 5 year old would like to do, you would be very welcome.

      Kind regards

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