May 11

Meet Our Two New Alpacas!


We are very excited to announce that we have two new alpacas joining our family at Kenward! Please meet Dreyfus (the grey one) and Idris (the black one). We are very excited for them to join the rest of our boys and use this time without any visitors on-site to get used to being around the others and also used to walking around the site.

At Kenward Place we offer Alpaca Experiences where you get to meet our alpacas, learn about them and walk them around our fifteen acres of grounds. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers to meet these unique animals up close!

We also offer the opportunity to Adopt an Alpaca for a year, where you receive a certificate, alpaca toy and a fun fact pack about alpacas.

All funds raised by Kenward Place go towards supporting the work of Kenward Trust, a charity which helps those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime so we greatly appreciate your support.

We look forward to you being able to meet Dreyfus and Idris soon!


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