At Kenward Place we have 8 alpacas in our little family: Pepe, Luigi, Romeo, Maximilian, Gizmo, Mario, Idris and Dreyfus. They are all incredibly friendly and love going on their walks and spending time around people! 

Our first alpacas to join our gang, Pepe & Louigi came to Kenward Place in 2017. They both look after the rest of the herd and were an instant hit with everyone at Kenward.

Next to join the herd were Romeo and Max in 2018 who got on with Pepe & Louigi immediately. Romeo tends to be very chilled out and while Max is initially quite shy he is incredibly friendly once he feels comfortable. As alpacas live in herds in the wild and are very sociable animals we were very keen to add to our herd at Kenward.

Gizmo and Mario then joined in 2019 and brought new personalities to the herd. Gizmo can definitely be the cheekiest and the most talkative of the alpacas, you may hear him humming at you when you visit! Mario is very playful and loves the water!

Finally, Idris and Dreyfus arrived in early 2020. Pepe and Louigi took them both under their wings and now they are established members of the herd!

We really love our alpacas and we hope that you guys do too when you get to meet them. We run our Alpaca Experience 7 days a week throughout the year and also run Meet and Greets for younger children on the first Saturday of every month throughout the year. You can also Adopt an Alpaca of your choice!

If you would like to find out more information, please call 01622 814187 or email a member of our team. 

All proceeds from Kenward Place, including from our alpaca experiences and other activities, go directly towards supporting the work of Kenward Trust, a charity which provides to support to those affected by addiction, homelessness and crime. If you would like to find out more about Kenward Trust and how you can support their work visit their website here.