November 9

Testimonial from Kent Women in Business


We are thrilled to share our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and partnership we have with Kent Women in Business this year. Being chosen as this year’s charity has been an immense privilege, and the impact has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The recent networking event hosted at Kenward Place was an absolute triumph, with 45 businesses coming together to support our cause. The positive feedback and glowing reports have been overwhelming. Every aspect, from the dedicated staff to the delectable food and the picturesque venue, exceeded our expectations.

“Since Deb and I embarked on this journey in March 2022, we’ve consistently strived for perfection, looking to refine and improve with each event. This time, however, there was nothing amiss – only resounding praise and commendation.

Furthermore, many of our attendees were already familiar with your esteemed establishment but had never had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. We are confident that we’ve successfully raised awareness among over 40 Kent businesswomen, who now see Kenward Place as a prime venue for their future events.

Looking ahead, Deb and I are eagerly planning for our 2024 events over the next few weeks. As soon as the dates are confirmed, you can expect to hear from us. We can hardly wait to return to your exceptional venue”.

Once again, we extend our deepest thanks to everyone involved in making the recent event such a resounding success. Your unwavering support has made a tangible difference in our mission.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kenward Place. For enquiries and to book click here.


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